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Drones are usually known to be used by the military or the air force. Not many people thought that they would be able to fly a drone of their own. Drones have been perceived as a weapon for a long time now, so for many people it would be hard to change their perception about them. But now that they are available to civilians, and people are loving them. People use drones for many different things. You might see many film enthusiasts trying to use drones get the best angels. But drones are used for many more purposes than that. There are also many places around the world that human have not been able to explore.  Either they are too small, or become dangerous for the human body. That is where drones come into play, and we are able to see the world more in depth.

People have incorporated drone usage to helping agriculture. Farming can be tough especially if it is a large field. There are many times a farmer will not be able to walk to the other side of the field. Or even gave care and attention to each individual plant. A drone will be able to detect which plants need attention.

Drones are able to help us more and more. And with more being made and used professionally, they will help make our living arrangements more secure and easier.

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